21 May 2013

The Gay Marriage Bill

Things That Will Happen If The Gay Marriage Bill Is Passed:

- Women will be able to marry women, if they want to.
- Men will be able to marry men, if they want to.

Things That Will Not Happen If The Gay Marriage Bill Is Passed:

- All your children will become gay. And so will you.
- You will be able to marry your gay children.
- The monarchy will be ruined.
- The 'agressive gay community' will rise up and take over, making us worship their genitalia.
- All heterosexual marriages will explode.
- All record of heterosexual marriage will be expunged.
- It will weaken public morality, and we will all become deviant monsters.

Things That Have No Bearing On Whether Or Not The Gay Marriage Bill Is Passed:

- A personal dislike of the mechanics of someone else's sexual relationship.
- Assumptions over what God might think
- Possible children of married gay parents. Same sex couple adoption is already legal and surrogacy is also legal, provided no payment is made. IVF for lesbian couples is not currently available on the NHS, but it is privately available and private insemination arrangements are also legal.

Seriously, Conservative back benchers, give it up.

13 May 2013

An Update on Learningz

I have finally done all my TMAs for this module. My results have been, in my humble opinion, pretty damn good. My OCAS score (an average of all my assignments) is 80%. Considering this is level 2 and on level 1, I only got 69%, I'm pretty damn pleased. It's not quite enough to get a first, but I'm really happy with a 2:1. I did not expect that. If I do AMAZINGLY on the exam (*snort*), I might get a first.
The exam. It looms. It's on June 14th and I'm already shitting myself. I have to memorise the WHOLE MODULE. I know what you're thinking - of course you do, or it's not a bloody exam. But in my last exam, there was one question per block, and I only had to answer three of them, so I could select which units to revise. And I got a notes sheet. This time, no such choice - no notes, all five blocks, all 24 units, all in my head by 10am on the 14th.
A month. Erk.I should probably start revising.

And then I have a break until October. I'm quite looking forward to this. Much will be happening to occupy my mind, including my eldest starting primary school, and loads of friends getting married. I confess, I'll probably be a tiny bit bored and start working through OpenLearn courses to keep me thinking. But then my module materials will appear and I'll PANIC.
Next year, I'm doing two level two modules - A218 and SK277. A218 is a history of medicine module. It's 60 credits. SK277 is anatomy, and it's 30 credits. I'm hoping they'll compliment each other nicely. It will be strange, after doing two back to back healthcare modules to shift to a science and arts module. There is a LOT of reading for A218, including three readers. I've been looking forward to starting SK277 for ages, because I have a deep fascination for anatomy. I'm really looking forward to next year in general. If I can pass, I'll have 210 credits of a 360 credit degree. Squee!

First thing's first. Pass the K203 exam...